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A bstract. Many knots and links in S 3 can be drawn as gluing of three manifolds with one or more four-punctured S 2 boundaries. We call these knot diagrams as double fat graphs whose invariants involve only the knowledge of the fusion and the braiding matrices of four-strand braids.Федеральная служба по надзору в сфере здравоохранения (Росздравнадзор).

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The world’s 1st truly unlimited photo gallery. 100% free. No limits on number of photos. No shrinking.Morozov, Aleksandr Ivanovich Born May 17 (29), 1835, in St. Petersburg; died there Nov. 28 (Dec. 11), 1904. Russian painter. Beginning in 1852, Morozov studied under A. T. Markov at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. A participant in the “revolt of the fourteen,” he left the Academy of Arts in 1863 to become one of the founding members.

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Part of the book is devoted to memory and recollection. Author draws upon the knowledge of cognitive science. She remarks that the same event.Alexander Ivanovich Morozov (before 1870) Alexander Ivanovich Morozov (Russian: Александр Иванович Морозов; 29 May 1835, Saint Petersburg — 11 December 1904, Saint Petersburg) was a Russian genre painter and engraver.


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